What’s the difference between Odorox and HEPA/ionizing purifiers/ozone generators?

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters remove particles from the air by micro-filtering. It requires all contaminated air to pass through the filter. These systems require regular filter changes, which can be expensive, and are high in energy consumption to generate air flow.


Ionizing purifiers create charged ions that bond to particles in the air. These charged particles become attracted to charged plates within the purifier. They reduce static electricity, but are energy inefficient. They also produce small amounts of ozone, which causes negative health effects in humans.


Ozone generators are similar to ionizing purifiers, except it uses ozone as the method of oxidization. It is only safe in unoccupied rooms, and is often only used in industrial settings.

Odorox does not generate any ozone or other harmful chemicals. It requires no filter changes, is energy efficient, and can be used in occupied spaces. It is effective at different temperatures and humidity levels.

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