Remove odours and harmful VOCs from the air without needing to pass all the air through our device.

// The Problem

Municipal water treatment,  wastewater sectors and industrial waste processing can contribute to high levels of pollutants in the environment for employees. Hydrogen sulfide, ketones and aldehydes, ammonia, chlorine, and carboxylic acids are odorous and harmful, and can contribute to long-term negative health effects in those exposed.

// Our Solution

Odorox eliminates contaminants and odors in wastewater facilities. Our generators create no harmful by-products or materials, and have low operating costs, minimum maintenance, and cause no facility downtime. They’re safe in all sectors operating with all materials, and proven to reduce bacteria, fungus, mold, odors, and high concentrations of VOCs. We can reduce the environmental impact, as well as improve the health and safety of employees in the wastewater industry.

// Case Study

The City of Sarnia had experienced sewer capacity problems since they first implemented their system in the 1950s. Despite building an interceptor and alternative pipelines in the following decades, flows exceeding system capacity would often overflow into the St. Clair River.

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//How it works

100% green, non-toxic technology that can be safely used around humans and animals.

  1. A fan blows contaminated air into the Odorox chamber, where UV rays and ambient humidity allow compounds and chemicals in the air to oxidise.
  2. Oxidation breaks down these harmful compounds into hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyls then exit the chamber with the freshly deodorized and decontaminated air.
  3. Newly-created hydroxyls react with compounds in the surrounding air, breaking them down without having to cycle through the generator. The result is a cascade effect.

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