// September 12, 2016

Industrial Pollution Control

// Case Study

The equipment was unobtrusive, required no maintenance, and was highly successful.

// The Case

Tallowmasters, a South Florida-based rendering company, faced an issue that every business in their industry faced: difficulty eradicating extremely unpleasant odors and pests throughout their facility.

Rendering facilities are imperative operations that take fat, bone, and oil and reprocess them into useable products. The nature of their business, though, meant that odors were near-impossible to eradicate. They described the situation, “If you pass a dead animal on the road, and if you have an idea what that smells like… imagine half a million pounds of dead meat in a bin, sitting.”

To contain odors, they kept their facility sealed, but well-vented. Still, residential development in the neighbourhood had led to complaints about odor permeating around the facility. They also had difficulty eliminating flying insects, rodents, ants, and roaches, and had retained an extermination service for over twenty years.

Before introducing Odorox technology, Tallowmasters had a chlorinator to mist air that escaped through their exhaust vent on the roof. They also had implemented vapour-capturing devices and boiler incinerators, for cooking and pressing vapours on-site.

Tallowmasters sought a chemical-free approach, as many chemicals simply mask odors rather than eliminate them. They also found that chemical deodorizers left residue on surfaces.

Hydroxyl Environmental Inc. installed three hydroxyl-generators in their cooking area, along with air movers in strategic locations. Tallowmasters also re-fit their entrance doors and front load roll-up doors in order to capture hydroxyls vented into the building.

The equipment was unobtrusive, required no maintenance, and was highly successful. Employees reported immediate odor reduction in the cooking area.

After installation, Tallowmasters’ indoor raw materials bins emitted almost no odor. Some employees reported that their family members had noticed they did not smell like the facility when they came home. Their insect problem was completely eliminated. Their exterminator, with whom they’d had a long-standing relationship, asked them if they had contracted another pest removal company due to the drastic reduction in insect populations.

Tallowmasters improved their neighbourhood relationships, and felt that the investment was well worth it. They were so impressed with their results that they have extended an open invitation to other rendering plants to visit and see how Odorox technology has impacted and improved their processing facility.