Industrial Pollution Control

Eliminates mold, odours, viruses, bacteria & VOCs without fumes or harsh chemicals.

// The Problem

Manufacturing sectors and industrial facilities can contribute to high levels of pollutants in the environment. Hydrogen sulfide, ketones and aldehydes, ammonia, chlorine, and carboxylic acids are odorous and harmful - and often found in many industrial and processing environments.

// Our Solution

We can help eliminate contaminants in your facilities. Our generators create no harmful by-products or materials, and have low operating costs, minimum maintenance, and cause no facility downtime. They’re safe in all sectors operating with all materials. We can reduce the environmental impact, as well as improve the health and safety of employees in your industry.

// Case Study

Tallowmasters, a South Florida-based rendering company, takes fat, bone, and oil and reprocesses them into useable products. They described the situation, “If you pass a dead animal on the road, and if you have an idea what that smells like… imagine half a million pounds of dead meat in a bin, sitting.” Residential development in the neighbourhood had led to complaints about odor permeating around the facility. They also had difficulty eliminating flying insects, rodents, ants, and roaches.

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//How it works

100% green, non-toxic technology that can be safely used around humans and animals.

  1. A fan blows contaminated air into the Odorox chamber, where UV rays and ambient humidity allow compounds and chemicals in the air to oxidise.
  2. Oxidation breaks down these harmful compounds into hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyls then exit the chamber with the freshly deodorized and decontaminated air.
  3. Newly-created hydroxyls react with compounds in the surrounding air, breaking them down without having to cycle through the generator. The result is a cascade effect.

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