Frequently Asked Questions

// Environmental

What are hydroxyls and how are they formed?

A hydroxyl radical is a reactive molecule formed by one oxygen and one hydrogen. They react (oxidise) extremely easily with almost all of the chemicals found in our troposphere. This removes these chemicals from the air - the oxidation of these chemicals results in water and organic radicals, which an extremely important part of the ozone formation cycle. Essentially, hydroxyl radicals scrub VOCs and other harmful substances from our air, and leave important organic compounds in their place.

Hydroxyl radicals are formed naturally in our atmosphere through the sun’s radiation and water vapour, and react almost immediately after they’re formed. This is often why hydroxyl radicals aren’t found indoors - they usually react before they can get there.

What are volatile organic compounds?

Volatile organic compounds are organic chemicals that evaporate and become vapour at very low temperatures (a trait called volatility). Things like exhaust gas, formaldehyde, nail polish remover, and many smells are VOCs. Exposure to some VOCs cause allergic or irritation reactions like runny noses, throat irritation or headaches. In some cases, reactions can be extreme - numbness, dizziness, nausea, fainting. The degree of the reaction depends on the length and intensity of exposure, as well as the specific VOCs involved.

What is indoor air quality and sick building syndrome?

Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air inside and around buildings as it related to human health. Poor indoor air quality can cause both long- and short-term health effects, and causes what’s known as “sick building syndrome” in those with prolonged exposure to poor quality air.

Low building ventilation, high concentrations of VOCs, and indoor mold can all contribute to sick building syndrome. It can cause headaches, nausea, respiratory infections, and stress-like symptoms (often mistaken for work stress in office buildings). Chemical and biological contaminants, like VOCs, can all contribute to poor health of those who work in poorly ventilated areas. Essentially, poor indoor air quality can cause general and specific health

// Design

How does Odorox work?

We replicate nature’s hydroxyl-generating process in a controlled, mobile generator. A fan blows contaminated air through the chamber, where UV rays and ambient humidity oxidise to create hydroxyl radicals. We use quartz optics to deodorize airflow and eradicate bacteria and other contaminants during this process. The purified air exits the chamber with these hydroxyl radicals, which go on to remove VOCs in the outside air. Not all air has to pass through the machine - but hydroxyls do have to reach every corner of the room.

This makes the process faster and more efficient, but also means that a generator can run in an occupied area without any harmful or negative effects. It’s safe, natural, and sustainable.

Can it work in a large warehouse/outdoor space/small apartment?

Each space is unique, and this can affect the generator’s area coverage. Layout, structure, airflow, and severity will all affect a generator’s speed and area coverage.

We have over 15 different models designed for various purposes and for specific problems - but no space is too large that we can’t handle. Whether it’s permanent or temporary installation, in large industrial or small residential spaces, for indoor or outdoor use, we can help. If you’d like more information, we’d love to walk you through it. Give us a call!

How loud are they?

Our residential models all generate consistent white noise at less than 55 decibels, which is quieter than a normal conversation. In comparison, most fridges hum at around 45-50 decibels. Industrial models may be louder.

Can it remove smoke smell, cooking odors, mold, viruses, or tobacco?

Yes. It can remove tobacco and cigarette smells, even from fabrics like towels and curtains. It can get rid of mold, viruses, airborne pathogens, and bacterial contamination on surfaces, walls, even under floors. It works in damp spaces. And more. You can read more at our About page.

Can it operate in occupied spaces?

Yes. Our air purifiers don’t generate any ozone or other harmful chemicals. Instead, the results are the same compounds you breathe outdoors every day - water vapour and clean, fresh air. You never have to leave or evacuate an area to run Odorox.

What’s the difference between Odorox and HEPA/ionizing purifiers/ozone generators?

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters remove particles from the air by micro-filtering. It requires all contaminated air to pass through the filter. These systems require regular filter changes, which can be expensive, and are high in energy consumption to generate air flow.


Ionizing purifiers create charged ions that bond to particles in the air. These charged particles become attracted to charged plates within the purifier. They reduce static electricity, but are energy inefficient. They also produce small amounts of ozone, which causes negative health effects in humans.


Ozone generators are similar to ionizing purifiers, except it uses ozone as the method of oxidization. It is only safe in unoccupied rooms, and is often only used in industrial settings.

Odorox does not generate any ozone or other harmful chemicals. It requires no filter changes, is energy efficient, and can be used in occupied spaces. It is effective at different temperatures and humidity levels.

// Specifications

What type of maintenance or installation is required?

Very little of either. Some models can be operated immediately out of the box, while others must be installed in your existing air systems. There are no filters to change or parts to replace.

How much do they cost?

Every model is unique, but we try to meet every budget from residential and commercial solutions to emergency situations. However, most models run on less than three amps of power, costing less than fifty cents a day. Want to know more? Get all of the details for free with no obligation.

What is the warranty?

The manufacturer provides a one year full parts and labor warranty on all generators.