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// How it Works

Hydroxyl radicals are formed naturally in our atmosphere

A hydroxyl radical is a reactive molecule formed by one oxygen and one hydrogen. They react (oxidise) extremely easily with almost all of the chemicals found in our troposphere. This removes these chemicals from the air - the oxidation of these chemicals results in water and organic radicals, which an extremely important part of the ozone formation cycle. Essentially, hydroxyl radicals scrub VOCs and other harmful substances from our air, and leave important organic compounds in their place.

Hydroxyl radicals are formed naturally in our atmosphere through the sun’s radiation and water vapour, and react almost immediately after they’re formed. This is often why hydroxyl radicals aren’t found indoors - they usually react before they can get there.

We replicate nature’s hydroxyl-generating process in a controlled, mobile generator. A fan blows contaminated air through the chamber, where UV rays and ambient humidity oxidise to create hydroxyl radicals. We use quartz optics to deodorize airflow and eradicate bacteria and other contaminants during this process. The purified air exits the chamber with these hydroxyl radicals, which go on to remove VOCs in the outside air. Not all air has to pass through the machine - but hydroxyls do have to reach every corner of the room.

This makes the process faster and more efficient, but also means that a generator can run in an occupied area without any harmful or negative effects. It’s safe, natural, and sustainable.

We have over 15 different models designed for various purposes and for specific problems - but no space is too large that we can’t handle. Whether it’s permanent or temporary installation, in large industrial or small residential spaces, for indoor or outdoor use, we can help. If you’d like more information, we’d love to walk you through it. Give us a call!