Hydroxyls simultaneously decontaminate the air, surfaces, and objects.

// The Problem

The average North American spends more than 90% of their life indoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Indoor air quality is vital to maintaining a healthy environment. Odor, bacteria, and contamination indoors can lead to poor quality of life and negative health effects. An EPA Indoor Air study found that concentrations of some pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher indoors than typical outdoor concentrations.

// Our Solution

Odorox’s hydroxyl-generating machines replicate nature’s process indoors, naturally. UV rays react with water molecules in the generator, creating hydroxyls. Hydroxyls are highly reactive molecules that react with volatile organic compounds, removing those VOCs from the air. Indoor air quality is an often-overlooked contributor to poor health, including in cases of Sick Building Syndrome, and Odorox’s proven technology can make all of the difference.

// Case Study

An electrical short in a model refrigerator sparked a fierce blaze across a Costco warehouse a week before Christmas in 2008. The store suffered heavy smoke and water damage. They were facing more than thirty-six million dollars in projected losses and cleanup costs, and a month of restoration. With Odorox, the warehouse was able to re-open in thirty-six hours.

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//How it works

100% green, non-toxic technology that can be safely used around humans and animals.

  1. A fan blows contaminated air into the Odorox chamber, where UV rays and ambient humidity allow compounds and chemicals in the air to oxidise.
  2. Oxidation breaks down these harmful compounds into hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyls then exit the chamber with the freshly deodorized and decontaminated air.
  3. Newly-created hydroxyls react with compounds in the surrounding air, breaking them down without having to cycle through the generator. The result is a cascade effect.

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// October 24, 2016

Commercial Applications