// September 12, 2016


// Case Study

More than six million dollars in technology and pharmacy products were saved.

// The Case

A week before Christmas, 2008. An electrical short in a florist refrigerator sparked a fierce blaze across a Costco warehouse. It took seventy-five firefighters more than two hours to get the fire under control. “There was so much smoke our visibility was zero” said Division Chief Pedro Bas.

The store suffered heavy smoke and water damage. All of the products needed to be replaced. It would take more than thirty days before the warehouse could reopen safety. They were facing more than thirty-six million dollars in projected losses and cleanup costs.

Costco needed to salvage their products and deal with the smoke and water damage in their facility. They wanted to safely re-open in time for Christmas to maintain their customer relations and recover their losses.

We provided three different types of generators: an outdoor installation model (MVP38) placed indoors for quick, high-volume hydroxyl generation, and multiple indoor units (the XL3 and XL4) for water, smoke, and odor processing.

With the high-volume generators and multi-unit approach, the warehouse re-opened in thirty six hours. Our machines continued to run for an additional two days while the store remained open, strategically hidden from view with well-placed product stands. More than six million dollars in technology and pharmacy products were saved.

Costco saved more than 80% of their projected losses. And their loyal customers were able to buy last-minute Christmas gifts in time.