Indoor Air Quality

Prevent 'sick building syndrome' and improve productivity.

// The Problem

Poor air quality can contribute to high levels of sickness, stress and absenteeism in employee populations who work in poorly-ventilated areas. Employees may report symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and sluggishness in enclosed areas with off-gassing, poor ventilation, or ambient airborne chemicals. Poor quality air lowers productivity, job satisfaction, and leads to a high employee turnover.

// Our Solution

Our generators do not require all air in your facility to move through a central location, speeding up the VOC-removing process and ensuring the health of all employees. Unpleasant odors and unsafe contaminants can be eliminated without any harmful chemicals or byproducts, making indoor air healthier and safer.

// Case Study

MEG Energy had just relocated their corporate office to the new Centennial Tower in Calgary, Alberta, and had begun to encounter some problems. The construction materials, carpeting, and flooring of the new building resulted in off-gassing of volatile organic compounds. VOC levels in the building were unhealthily high, and employees began to report symptoms characteristic “Sick Building Syndrome”. Odorox installed twelve induct units into the existing HVAC system duct work on each floor, to treat all occupied spaces.

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//How it works

100% green, non-toxic technology that can be safely used around humans and animals.

  1. A fan blows contaminated air into the Odorox chamber, where UV rays and ambient humidity allow compounds and chemicals in the air to oxidise.
  2. Oxidation breaks down these harmful compounds into hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyls then exit the chamber with the freshly deodorized and decontaminated air.
  3. Newly-created hydroxyls react with compounds in the surrounding air, breaking them down without having to cycle through the generator. The result is a cascade effect.

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